Stuff People Leave in Library Books

It turns out that the collection of what people leave behind in library books can be analogous to the great finds of an archeological dig.  Love letters, wish lists, grocery and things to do lists, poems, artwork, photos and words of warning like this one:

“Ruminations from an O.G.”…filled with regret and wise words:

“27 years in this madhouse / My fate sealed long ago / If you are young, get out now / You can do better / Go back to school. Learn a skill. / The Post Office is no place to be somebody / It is high school with a paycheck.”

“You will not grow here / You will stagnate, losing your soul, mind and body / Listen to your heart / Hear what it says!”

Now, a librarian who has been collecting these finds for over a decade will be having a special exhibit* to share these items with the public.  The “Found in a Library Book” reveals who we are, what we value, and most of all, what we are willing to let go of and leave behind.

It speaks to culture, your honor.


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See more HERE.

*Oakland Public Library, California