Who we are:

Multimedia Production


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Razor’s Edge produces documentaries, doc shorts, training videos and radio programs focused on inspiring social and personal change.  Our productions are interdisciplinary in nature and focus on important social, personal, cultural and environmental issues that demand attention, stir thought and induce change.



Who we are:

Written Works



Razor’s Edge is part of a multimedia collective comprised of veteran authors, editors, reviewers and other publishing professionals dedicated to bringing the works of gifted indie authors out of obscurity and into the sunshine.  We are passionate renegades in defense of amazing, quality indie books and other written works that make us think, feel and live in new ways. 

In addition to book publishing, we offer book authoring/ghost writing, general professional- and scientific-based publishing, research, story-boarding and script writing for documentaries/doc shorts, educational films, and promotional films, and cross-cultural marketing and ad copy services helping small businesses outside the U.S. effectively connect and communicate with their U.S. consumer base, as well as production of a variety of other creative written works.  Contact us with your project ideas.



Who we are:






Another key component of our multimedia co-op focuses on offering film and video as creative tools for businesses and individuals.  Projects include entertaining and dynamic educational videos, training films, documentaries/doc shorts and trailers, video conference/tabling presentations, training series for business and the general public, promotional and marketing shorts for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs, and authors/artists, video resumes, special projects trailers and videos for corporate departmental projects (incl. award competitions, special projects, achievements of note, grant applications, conference and seminar presentations, etc.), as well as the ‘Your Life’ personal doc shorts and memorials, and the Life 101 personal training series.



Who we are:

Other Media




Razor’s Edge also offers research, script writing and production of local public radio segments, small local public television specials for nonprofit organizations and individuals, and local and internet-based talk radio shows.


Who we are: 

Promoters of Independent Voices




We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping indie, entrepreneurial individual and small business voices reach their audiences.  All of our services are done at our in-house studio and offices. That means we can offer effective, high impact, creative works to clients based anywhere inside or outside the U.S.–and at just a fraction of current industry rates.  Contact us with your project today!