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Books in this room are fiction, many are pre-owned, some are new and include Featured Books that you can purchase directly through PayPal, others are publisher and reviewer copies, and all are traditional print books. The collection includes rare books, collector’s items, highly sought after editions, and a number of books written by award-winning authors from outside the U.S.  Among the indie and alternative works are a few mainstream-popular books that were donated. We hope you will forgive us for this.

Orders for books in this room* are handled by a real live human (imagine that!) and ordering is simple:

Tell us what titles you want and your name and shipping address** on the contact form. We will email you your total for books plus shipping and a link to make a donation here for the total due.


1-Tell us what titles you want and your name and shipping address** on the contact form.

2-We will add the USPS shipping charges and send you an invoice via email. The invoice will contain a secured link to pay for your books via credit card or PayPal.

3-When we receive confirmation from the payment processor that the invoice has been paid we will ship your book(s).  It’s that easy!

*With the exception of Featured Books available in this room which can be purchased directly simply by clicking on the price.

**Sorry, due to increases in shipping costs we can only ship print copy books to U.S. contiguous states.

Please note: Books available in this room ship from different storage facilities; there may be a delay in some instances.

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A Partial List of Online Fiction Offerings

BookGravy-Fiction Listing


*This is only a partial listing. If you are looking for a specific book please contact us with the book title and author and our admin will search the database to see if it is available.

365 views of mt fuji-Nonfiction-nv-s365 Views of Mt. Fuji: Algorithms of the Floating World  7.99
A confederacy of dunces-Fiction-nv-sA Confederacy of Dunces 15.99
A long way down-Fiction-nv-hA Long Way Down 3.99
A Minor Apocalypse-fictionA Minor Apocalypse 1.89
all families are psychotic-h-fiction-nvAll Families are Psychotic 5.99
Almost Transparent Blue-fiction  Almost Transparent Blue 4.39
Amorous accident-Nonfiction-nv-sAmorous Accident: A Dog’s Eye View of Murder 3.49
Amrita-fictionAmrita 3.99
Ancillary Justice-fictionAncillary Justice 4.79
Animal Heart-fictionAnimal Heart 3.99
Antmen carry awat my thoughts-Nonfiction-nv-s Antmen Carry Away My Thoughts 3.95
Arrow of God-fictionArrow of God 2.25
Asleep-Fiction-nv-sAsleep 3.99
Baileys Cafe-fictionBailey’s Cafe 3.89
Becoming finola-Fiction-nv-sBecoming Finola 3.99
Best Foot Forward-FictionBest Foot Forward 4.85
Billiards at half past nine-Fiction-nv-sBilliards at Half-Past Nine 5.99
Billy and Girl-fictionBilly and Girl 5.99
Birds of amber-Fiction-nv-hBirds of Amber 5.25
Black Water-Fiction-s-JC OatesBlack Water 3.25
Blue kansas sky-Fiction-nv-hBlue Kansas Sky 3.19
Boomeritis-Fiction-nv-hBoomeritis 5.99
Botchan-fiction Botchan 4.79
Brick Lane-FictionBrick Lane 4.79
Brillance-fictionBrillance 3.99
Call Me by Your Name-fictionCall Me by Your Name 8.89
colorless-fiction-murakami-softback-nvColorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage 9.99
Continental Drift-fictionContinental Drift 4.49
Couch-fictionCouch 5.49
Cracking india-Fiction-nv-sCracking India 6.99
Cryptic spaces-Fiction-nv-sCryptic Spaces: Foresight 3.25
Day, fictionDay: A Novel 3.99
Den of thieves-Fiction-nv-sDen of Thieves 7.39
Destinys road-Fiction-nv-hDestiny’s Road 4.29
Discipline-Fiction-nv-sDiscipline 3.99
Dr Rat-fiction Dr. Rat 6.39
Exposed-Fiction-nv-sExposed 4.59
Extremities-Fiction-nv-hExtremities 2.47
Falling Out of Cars-fictionFalling Out of Cars 2.99
Father of Lies-fictionFather of Lies 5.99
Five women-Fiction-nv-hFive Women 3.49
Flan-fictionFlan 10.49
Free fall-Fiction-nv-sFree Fall 3.99
Front Cover-Friction in Motion-SIZEDFriction in Motion 3.99
Gamblers Rose-fictionGambler’s Rose 3.99
Good Omens-fictionGood Omens 1.99
Great apes-Nonfition-nv-sGreat Apes 3.89
Hamburger Valley CA-fiction-poetryHamburger Valley, California 3.49
Harvard Classics-bookstore-bestHarvard Classics: Collector’s Edition 275
Henry of Atlantic City-fictionHenry of Atlantic City 3.99
Hidden camera-Fiction-nv-sHidden Camera 5.99
High latitudes-Fiction-nv-hHigh Latitudes 2.49
how stella got her groove back-fiction-nv-hHow Stella Got Her Groove Back 5.99
If I did it-Nonfiction-nv-hIf I Did It 4.75
J-Fiction-nv-hJ 4.29
John Barleycorn-FictionJohnny Barleycorn 7.99
Kitchen-Fiction-nv-sKitchen 6.49
Kokoro-fictionKokoro 7.99
Let the Dog Drive-fictionLet the Dog Drive 3.99
literacy and longing in LA--fictionLiteracy and Longing in LA 3.99
Lizard-Fiction-nv-sLizard 9.99
Looking for mr. goodbar-Fiction-nv-sLooking for Mr. Goodbar 5.99
Lost Pages-fictionLost Pages 2.99
Lullaby-f-nv-sLullaby 3.79
Mahatma Gandhi in a Cadillac-fictionMahatma Gandhi in a Cadillac 2.99
Mondays on the Dark NIght of the Moon-fictionMondays on the Dark Night of the Moon 9.99
Monkey folk novel of china-Fiction-nv-sMonkey: Folk Novel of China 8.95
Monsignor quixote-Fiction-nv-sMonsignor Quixote 3.49
mr. sandman-fiction-nv-sMr. Sandman 2.99
Mysteries of the Body and Mind-fictionMysteries of the Body and the Mind 1.99
Myths of the ancient greeks-Fiction-nv-sMyths of the Ancient Greeks 14.59
Nail-fictionNail 4.99
1988-fictionNineteen-Eighty-Eight (1988) 2.99
Nothing natural-Fiction-nv-hNothing Natural 6.49
Now is the Time to Open Your Heart-FictionNow is the Time to Open Your Heart 4.15
NotForPublicConsumption-BookCover-Final-ANONNot For Public Consumption 3.99
Now youre one of us-Fiction-nv-sNow You’re One of Us 5.49
np-fictionnp 3.99
orientation-Fiction-nv-hOrientation 5.49
Outward Bound-FictionOutward Bound 2.99
Pagoda skull and samurai-Fiction-nv-sPagoda, Skull and Samurai 19.49
Pigtopia-fictionPigtopia 11.39
Pits letter-Nonfiction-nv-hPit’s Letter 2.49
Pluto-Fiction-nv-sPluto: Animal Lover 3.99
pollen-Fiction-nv-hPollen 9.79
Praise-fictionPraise 3.99
Pure-Fiction-nv-hPure 9.99
Quit monks or die-Fiction-nv-hQuit Monks or Die 2.49
Raining backwards-Fiction-nv-sRaining Backwards 3.99
Ravine-fictionRavine and Other Stories 3.19
Real world-Fiction-nv-sReal World 8.49
Red Spider, White Web-fictionRed Spider, White Web 34.95
Round Rock-FictionRound Rock 4.79
Safe haven-Fiction-nv-hSafe Haven 3.99
Salamander and other stories-fiction-ca-sSalamander and Other Stories 9.99
Scented Gardens for the Blind-fictionScented Gardens for the Blind 5.99
Science Fiction Hall of Fame Vol1-fictionScience Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol. I, 1929-1964 7.99
Semaphore-fictionSemaphore 3.49
Serving Crazy with Curry-Fiction-nv-sServing Curry with Crazy 3.89
Sightings-Fiction-nv-sSightings 3.99
Slam-fictionSlam 12.99
Slaughtermatic-fictionSlaughtermatic 7.59
Sourdough-fictionSourdough 3.99
Specimen Days-fictionSpecimen Days 3.99
spin cycle-fictionSpin Cycle 5.99
Splinter-fictionSplinter 2.99
Stained Glass Elegies-fictionStained Glass Elegies 4.79
Stones fall-Fiction-nv-hStone’s Fall 4.59
Such a Pretty Pretty Girl-FictionSuch a Pretty Pretty Girl 5.75
Surveyor-Fiction-nv-hSurveyor 2.49
Switch-fictionSwitch 3.99
Tales of Adam-fictionTales of Adam 2.99
Terminal vision-Fiction-nv-hTerminal Visions 3.99
terms of enlistment-Fiction-nv-sTerms of Enlistment 4.87
The 100 Year Old Man-fictionThe 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared 4.99
The age of wire and string-Fiction-nv-sThe Age of Wire and String 7.87
The Blood Latitudes-fictionThe Blood Latitudes 3.99
The book of ruth-Fiction-nv-sThe Book of Ruth 3.49
The Broken Bridge-fictionThe Broken Bridge 8.99
The Chess Garden-fictionThe Chess Garden 9.99
The comeback-Fiction-nv-sThe Comeback 0.99
The Committee-fictionThe Committee 8.99
The death of vishnu-Fiction-nv-sThe Death of Vishnu 6.95
The Devil Tree-fictionThe Devil Tree 4.99
The Diamond Age-fictionThe Diamond Age 3.99
The Egoist-fictionThe Egoist 4.95
The elegance of the hedgehog-Fiction-nv-sThe Elegance of the Hedgehog 3.95
The Enigma Factor Vol I-fictionThe Enigma Factor (The Enigma Series, Volume 1) 8.99
The Enigma Rising-fictionThe Enigma Rising 12.39
The face of another-Fiction-nv-sThe Face of Another 9.25
The gift of a cow-Fiction-nv-sThe Gift of a Cow: Godaan 14.75
The Girl who Married a Lion-fictionThe Girl Who Married a Lion 4.79
The Gossamer Fly-fictionThe Gossamer Fly 1.39
The guilded age-Fiction-nv-sThe Guilded Age: A Tale of Today 10.95
The Hell Screens-Fiction-nv-hThe Hell Screens 3.99
The housekeeper and the professor-Fiction-nv-sThe Housekeeper and the Professor 6.87
The Inheritance of Loss-Fiction-nv-s The Inheritance of Loss 4.29
The Intuitionist-fictionThe Intuitionist 3.99
The Iranican Dream-fictionThe Iranican Dream 5.99
The Jaguar Hunter-fictionThe Jaguar Hunter 5.99
The Liar-fictionThe Liar 4.99
The lodging house-Fiction-nv-hThe Lodging House: A Modern Arabic Novel 7.99
The Man Who Turned Into Himself-fictionThe Man Who Turned Into Himself 4.39
The Master of Go--fictionThe Master of Go 4.49
The moors last sigh-Fiction-nv-sThe Moor’s Last Sigh 3.99
The Native Informant-fictionThe Native Informant: Six Tales of Defiance from the Arab World 43.59
The new yorkers-Fiction-nv-sThe New Yorkers 3.47
The Onion Girl-fictionThe Onion Girl 3.49
The Other Hand-fictionThe Other Hand 4.29
The oxygen man-Fiction-nv-hThe Oxygen Man 2.49
The piano tuner-Fiction-nv-sThe Piano Tuner 7.99
The Pilots Wife-FictionThe Pilots Wife 3.99
The Pull of the Moon-FictionThe Pull of the Moon 4.05
The Rat-fictionThe Rat 9.99
The River Between-fictionThe River Between 9.49
The Secret Life of Bees-fictionThe Secret Life of Bees 4.25
book cover-the sell out-fictionThe Sellout 7.99
The Shroud-fictionThe Shroud

The Story of B-Fiction-CA-HThe Story of B



The Thanatos Syndrome-fictionThe Thanatos Syndrome 9.97
The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch-fictionThe Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch 4.89
The VegetarianThe Vegetarian 4.99
The Vision of the Blind King-fictionThe Vision of the Blind King 10.99
The White Bones of Truth-fictionThe White Bones of Truth 2.49
the white boy shuffle bookcoverThe White Boy Shuffle 2.25
The woman and the ape-fiction The Woman and the Ape 4.99
The woman and the ape2-fictionThe Woman and the Ape 4.99
The woman in the dunes-Fiction-nv-sThe Woman in the Dunes 9.49
The Wild Geese-fictionThe Wild Geese 7.99
POE COLLECTION-INTERIOR-HThe Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Commemorative Edition: Rare Antique Book Collection 499
Thieves in Retirement-fictionThieves in Retirement 7.99
This is rage-Fiction-nv-sThis is Rage: A Novel of Silicon Valley and Other Madness 4.99
This place-Fiction-nv-sThis Place 4.99
Three dollars, fictionThree Dollars 3.99
Toxicology-Fiction-nv-sToxicology 3.49
True story-Fiction-nv-sTrue Story 3.89
Under the frog-Fiction-nv-sUnder the Frog 10.79
Water for elephants-Fiction-nv-hWater for Elephants 3.95
We can report them-Fiction-nv-sWe Can Report Them 4.59
Where are the Stars in New York-fictionWhere are the Stars in New York? 4.39
Where Things Come Back-fictionWhere Things Come Back 5.39
White castle-Fiction-nv-sWhite Castle 5.95
White mans grave-Fiction-nv-sWhite Man’s Grave 3.99
Wild Animus-fictionWild Animus 2.99
XMan-fictionXMan 4.59
You are a Dog-fictionYou Are a Dog: Life Through the Eyes of Man’s Best Friend 2.99