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Tasty, synapse-sparking fiction and nonfiction book options, curated and individually selected for quality.

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Why you should fill your plate with our independently fresh deliciousness


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There are millions of books in the marketplace today, and no shortage of online mainstream and indie book retailers offering them en masse.  These mega listings sites not only bury good quality books but they accept anything that comes to the door with no vetting for quality.  Offering subscriptions and mega discounts, these retailers foster and encourage readers to consume books like junk food.



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The problem with not vetting for quality is that these mega book retail sites rely on ‘popularity’ to drive listings, so that readers typically only see those titles that are bought frequently.  Authors who do not pay significant sums of money to garner reviews and hire public relations specialists are buried hundreds and sometimes thousands of pages back, too far for the average visitor to stumble upon.  This system is bad for readers as well as writers.  Not only is popularity alone a very poor measure of quality, if you prefer to read non-formulaic books with a fresh voice, you will have trouble finding them in the midst of popularity-driven books shown in the first hundred site pages.



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At the Razor’s Edge BookGravy Bookstore we take a different approach.  Our goal is to connect discerning readers with quality books that make you think about life in entirely new ways.  Books are art and therefore highly subjective so readers may not like everything in our title collection, but they can be assured that the books at our bookstore have been curated and individually selected for quality.



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