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Professional Services


-Small Business and Entrepreneur Promotional Videos


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In today’s world a promotional video is a ‘must have’  marketing tool for all entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Our promotional videos for small businesses and entrepreneurial startups are perfect for getting yourself on the map, promoting special events, increasing traffic, refining your company image, and communicating your brand.  Our promos are effective, memorable and high-impact–and just a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing studio rates.

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-Nonprofit Events and Promotion Videos


Whether it is an upcoming fundraising event, a community meet-and-greet, volunteer awards dinner, a call for volunteers, a new program, service or product that needs promoting, or a need to get your organization better known in the community, our nonprofit events and promotion videos are the perfect marketing tool to help you get the word out.  Our NPO promo videos are budget-friendly and an effective and memorable call to action so contact us today to get started.




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-Promotional Print Materials for Small Businesses, Nonprofits, Entrepreneurs: Write-up (ad copy, brochures, etc.) and artwork


As a companion to our promo videos or as a standalone marketing tool, our promotional print materials are another must-have for small businesses, NPOs and entrepreneurs to get the word out and take their work and mission out into the world.  We offer write-ups and artwork for campaign cover letters, ad copy for either online or traditional print advertising, flyers, brochures, and just about any other type of print materials you need, all at an affordable price. Contact us today to get started.




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-Video Résumés


Conducting a job search is challenging, especially given the number of applicants each new position listing brings in these days.  Luckily, there is a way to break through the crowded applicant pool and be noticed. With our professionally created video resume you can make your enthusiasm for that new position and your professional experiences stand out and be remembered.  Our video resumes are affordable and effective…what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get it started.




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-Conference and Tabling Video Presentations


These days video presentations are the preferred supplemental communication and educational tool at professional and scientific conferences.  Whether you are a conference presenter or are tabling at a professional conference or public event, an effective video presentation plays a key role in grabbing–and keeping–your audience’s attention.  Contact us today to discuss your video presentation.




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-Cross-cultural Ad Copy and Promotional Videos


Merchants outside the U.S. often work hard to capture a U.S. customer base, only to fail.  The problem is often due to a disparity in communication and marketing styles. Even when merchants outside the U.S. hire employees whose fluency in English is fairly good, if these employees were not raised in the U.S. and/or have not been living in the U.S. for a long time, they are usually lacking in the communication style and marketing language U.S. consumers are accustomed to.  The reason?  There are subtle but powerful nuances and idioms in the languages and communication norms of all cultures, and the U.S. is no different. And being familiar with these powerful yet subtle distinctions requires being an active part of the culture in question.

Many U.S. consumers may be unaware of the communication style they have become accustomed to until they read the advertisements and product/service descriptions or watch the product videos created by someone from outside their own national culture.  Some U.S. consumers find what is being said as humorous, others find it quaint, but more often than not, they find the differences in communication styles as a signal that the merchant is an “outsider” and perhaps is someone who therefore may have products, services or return policies that are too risky and so they move on, in search of product descriptions and advertisements that seem familiar (and therefore, possibly less risky) to them.

The solution?  Let our expert in cross-cultural communications work with you to create written ad copy for your products and/or services in the marketing style U.S. consumers are accustomed to. This “Americanized” ad copy can then be used on amazon, eBay, and other U.S.-based commercial sites to attract the U.S. consumer base you need.  We can also create a companion video advertisement if you wish.  Contact us today.