Writing-Publishing Services




-Book Authoring/Ghost Writing and Publishing


We offer expert book authoring/coauthoring and ghost writing services to fit your needs. Our seasoned writers’ works have been published in numerous venues including nonfiction and fiction books, magazines, scientific, trade and professional publications, newspapers, and more.  They are also experienced in writing speeches, professional and scientific presentations, website content, scripts, stage plays, blogs, and just about anyplace else in which the written word is used to influence and motivate audiences.  Discreet and professional.  Contact us today about your writing or publishing needs.





-Professional- and Scientific-Based Writing and Publishing


Seasoned, accomplished writers widely published in the professional and scientific arenas are here to write whatever you need.  Our writers are experienced in producing white papers, business reports, executive summaries, scientific study reports, books, articles for the general public, scientific/professional website and blog content, board reports, press releases, professional and scientific conference presentations and speeches, and more.  Contact us today to discuss your project.



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-Script Writing


Our writers are here to help you create, develop and refine your script for documentaries, doc-shorts, stage plays, video presentations and advertisements, radio segments and radio documentary, or training and/or educational film.

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-Speech and Presentation Writing


Whether it is for a large conference audience, a presentation to board members, or an important in-house meeting, our seasoned presentation and speech writers experienced in both the business/professional and scientific arenas are here to help you with developing, refining and writing your public speech or presentation.

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