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Books in this room are offered in eBook version. There are both fiction and nonfiction options. The collection also includes some electronic versions of fiction short stories and nonfiction papers and articles. The books and other offerings can be read by all devices, whether smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

eBooks and Other eStuff

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Pilansky D-Cubicle Dreams-Cover  Cubicle Dreams

Friction in Motion-FRONT COVER-NEW  Friction in Motion

Hells village-book cover  Hell’s Village

Higher Intelligence FINAL COVER-synapse sketch  Higher Intelligence

BOOK COVER-Jagged Little Edges  Jagged Little Edges: A Short Story Collection

Jap Herron-A novel written from the Ouija board-fiction-ebbok-BOOK COVER  Jap Herron: a novel written from the Ouija board

Japanese Fairy Tales-book over  Japanese Fairy Tales

Japanese literature compilation-fiction-ebook-Book Cover  Japanese Literature Compilation

Kenny-fiction-ebook-book cover  Kenny

Looking-Good-250375  Looking Good

My crazy family-book cover  My Crazy Family

NotForPublicConsumption-BookCover-Final-ANON  Not For Public Consumption

Operation Interstellar-fiction-ebook-Book Cover  Operation Interstellar

Pineapple-Head-by-Joel-Enos-250375  Pineapple Head

shallow-living-cover375x250 Shallow Living

Bookcover-Subway Vision  Subway Vision, The Stage Play

The automobile girls of palm beach book series ad

The automobile girls of palm beach-fiction-ebook-Book Cover  The Automobile Girls at Palm Beach

The Birds of Lorrane-fiction-ebook-Book cover  The Birds of Lorrane

vaughan-n-record store end of time cover REVISED  The Record Store at the End of Time

Three mistakes of my life-book cover-ebook  The Three Mistakes of My Life

Two states of my marriage-book cover  Two States: The Story of My Marriage

Who cares-A story of adolescence-fiction-ebook-book cover  Who Cares? A story of adolescence



an introduction to the philosophy of yoga-book cover  An Introduction to the Philosophy of Yoga

Backwards running-ebook-nonfiction-Book cover  Backwards running

BookClubs Stats-White paper-2015  Book clubs white paper-stats

Exercise your way to physical health-nonfiction-ebook-Book CoverExercise your way to physical health

Getting started in fiction writing-nonfiction-ebook-book cover  Getting started in fiction writing

Global Warming-nonfiction-ebook-Book cover  Global Warming

Great Literary devices-nonfiction-ebook-Book Cover  Great Literary Devices to improve your creative writing

Guide to growing your favorite vegetables-nonfiction-ebook-Book cover  Guide to growing your favorite vegetables

how to write a great query letter-ebook-nonfiction-book cover  How to write a great query letter

japanese physical training-ebook-nonfiction-Book Cover  Japanese physical training

Book cover--Relo Stress-NEW  The Hidden Costs of Relocating Employees: Corporate Strategies for Reducing Loss from Relocation Stress

Nothings Sacred-BookCover  Nothing’s Sacred: How Human Junk is Crapping Up the Planet

of words and water-ebook  Of Words and Water

online writing jobs-ebook-book cover  Online writing jobs

FRONT BOOK COVER-FINAL-PETS WELCOME-FP author  Pets Welcome: How Landlords Can Make More Money by Going Pet-Friendly

SILENT VICTIMS BOOK COVER-NAs  Silent Victims: Recognizing and Stopping Abuse of the Family Pet

smashwords book marketing guide-nonfiction-ebook Cover  Smashwords Book Marketing Guide

The essential guide to organic gardening-nonfiction-ebook coverThe essential guide to organic gardening

Food Hacker BOOKCOVER-CFL  The Food Hacker’s Handbook: A Guide to Breaking the Processed Foods and Additives Addiction

The Garbage Patch in the Oceans-nonfiction-ebook-Book Cover  The Garbage Patch: Problems and Solutions

trees  Trees

Twenty fresh quick and light dinners recipe book-nonfiction-ebook-Book cover  Twenty fresh, quick and light dinners cookbook

Vegetarian cookbook-nonfiction-ebook-Book Cover  Vegetarian Cook Book

Book Cover-FRONT-FINAL-You're Not Crazy-amazon-66  You’re Not Crazy, Your Doctor Is: The secrets they can’t tell you about weight gain, illness, and food and environmental chemicals

ANIMAL ADULT COLORING BOOK COVERThe O’Reilly Adult Animal Coloring Book


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