Books Give Facelift to Old Building

Thanks to some ingenious street artists in Utrecht a bookshelf has lifted an old building’s appearance, the spirits of visitors, and the residents lucky enough to live there…

Known for his incredible street art illusions, Jan Is De Man has created a charming mural in Utrecht that’s bringing together the community. In collaboration with graffiti writer and tattoo artist Deef Feed, he transformed the anonymous facade of a building into a marvelous bookcase. And the best part is that all the literary works featured were suggested by local residents…

For Is De Man, the books are much like his own artwork. Each is crafted with skill, creativity, and discipline. By marrying together his street art with these literary tales, he’s able to fill the community with a positive spirit. And, he was still able to sneak in a smile or two along the book spines, just to make sure everyone’s spirits remained positive.

Read more here!

Jan Is De Man: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Deef Feed: Facebook | Instagram



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