BookGravy Review: The Sellout

Sharp wit, a strong ability for satirical story-telling, and a biting sense of humor have placed Paul Beatty among our favorite authors.  In The Sellout Beatty takes readers on a journey to find purpose in a seemingly purposeless world where the rules are murky, the system is rigged, and the only real winners are linked-in and white. It is a story about the struggle to not be invisible, to matter, to find a fix, and in the final analysis, to be able to find oneself on the map of life. The author has expertly woven satire throughout these weighty topics, allowing the otherwise stinging barbs of real life social observations to be cushioned and wrapped within the gauze of humor.


Book: The Sellout  /  Author:  Paul Beatty  /  ISBN: 9781250083258  /  Publisher: Picador