8 Signs Someone is Lying to You

With so many people telling lies everyday, how is anything meaningful being communicated in the workplace?

Sixty Percent of Your Colleagues Are Lying to You


How many people have you spoken with today? Chances are that most of them lied to you—and that they did it more than once. It’s a hard fact to accept, but even your closest friends and coworkers lie to you regularly.even your closest friends and coworkers lie to you regularly.

University of Massachusetts psychologist Robert Feldman has studied lying for more than a decade, and his research has reached some startling conclusions. Most shocking is that 60% of people lie during a typical 10-minute conversation and that they average two to three lies during that short time-frame…

Keep an eye out for the following signs, and you won’t be taken advantage of by a liar.

1-They cover their mouths.

2-They repeat themselves and provide too much detail.

3-They prepare for an escape. In an unconscious attempt to find an escape route, people who are lying often angle their bodies toward the door if they’re sitting, and if they’re standing, they may even move closer to the door…

4-Their words and body language don’t match.

5-Their breathing changes.

6-They change their typical patterns of eye movement.  it’s not where the person is looking that matters, but a change in direction. Some people, for instance, look up and to the right when they’re remembering information, but down when they’re lying. For other people, it’s the opposite. A change in eye movement can be a very strong indicator of lying, but you have to know the person’s typical pattern first.

7-They get aggressive.

8-They fidget.


Important Caveat:  Before rushing to any conclusions, be certain to consider what constitutes normal behavior for the person who you think might be lying to you. The indicators above only have meaning in the context of a person’s typical behavior.