Must-Read Books: Socio-Political, Satirical and Dystopian Themes

For those people who desire a broad understanding of today’s social-political climate and seemingly fast-paced changes, we recommend a deep-dive into the insights offered by both fiction and nonfiction writers who have already traversed some of these paths.


It’s been an eventful, chaotic few weeks in politics.

How best to understand all the changes going on? At the arts desk, we often turn to books for insight and reflection. So this week, we went to our local independent bookseller, Politics and Prose, for their thoughts on what to read right now. Here are eight books — both old and new — recommended by the P&P staff, who chose to focus on the themes of democracy and the power of the presidency, and on the genres of dystopian and satirical fictionGo here to see them.


Source: PBS NewsHour