McSmut or the Most Creative Advertising Campaign Ever?

McDonald’s worldwide marketing campaigns have been on the upswing lately with clever, creative projects (and gimmicks) to bring attention (and revenue) to the fast food franchise. Their latest marketing campaign launched in Japan has attracted so much attention it might well be one of their most lucrative creative ventures yet.  The reason?  After purchasing a new soft drink, unsuspecting consumers are treated to a giant serving of smut.


McDonald’s wanted to promote its new soft drink called, “McFizz” in Japan.  In order to accomplish this, their advertising creative team came up with a theme of “Summer Romance” depicted on the McFizz plastic cups. The idea is that illustrations of a boy and girl on opposite sides of the cup share an innocent moment when the empty cup is lined up in a certain way.  But unsuspecting consumers found out when they tipped the cups in another direction, these kids aren’t all that innocent. (source)

What consumers are suppose to see



awwwh. Young, innocent, sweet summer romance, right?

But here is what consumers actually saw


And yes, in McDonald Land that door swings both ways


If the smiles and winks on these kids are any indication, they are definitely Lovin’ It!




Image credits: @_chocolation_ on Twitter ; @mao_kila on Twitter; inaya_jp on Instagram; @forute_a on Twitter, via



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