Grad Student Creates Amazing Astronomy Maps from Open Source Data

Even if you are not fascinated by our universe, or maps, or science, or the creative gifts that humans are sometimes lucky enough to discover they have, these astronomy maps are a must-see.

Backstory: A biology grad student with creative inclinations who spends her free time working on the Tabletop Whale project (a science illustration blog) has recently completed her most impressive big project: Using mega amounts of data from open source datasets, the astronomy community, NASA and the United States Geological Survey, and brought together and analyzed using Python (a high-level programming language), Eleanor Lutz has created the Atlas of Space-an exciting, out of this world set of astronomy maps.  And she did all this in just a year and a half–in her spare time.  What are you doing with your spare time?

Go here to see some of the amazing parts of our universe she has mapped out for us.


Tabletop Whale: Website

As these maps are truly awesome enough to frame as wall art, The Atlas of Space maps are also available for purchase.


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