New Book Uses Creative License to Pay Homage to Indigenous Cultures

Controversial photographer Jimmy Nelson is out with “a new book of pictures and stories of indigenous people around the world — as they see themselves, not as we see them”.

Or, as his critics have argued, the way Jimmy Nelson sees them.  Nelson has been accused of perpetuating myths in his story-telling by depicting fictionalized versions of his subjects’ lives and of ignoring the discrimination, violence and brutality directed towards them by neighboring military occupations.

Nelson has responded to such criticisms by stating that his work is an expression of “aesthetic, romantic, subjective, iconographic representation of people who are normally represented in a very patronising and demeaning way.”


“‘I’m not a journalist. I’m not an ethnologist. I’m not an anthropologist. I’m an artist.  I’m provoking a discussion.”  –Photographer and author Jimmy Nelson


Nelson’s new book:  Homage To Humanity and of Before They Pass Away.” (@Jimmy_P_Nelson)

See a sample of the photos from the book and videos of his travels here.

To accompany “Homage to Humanity,” Jimmy and his team have created a companion mobile app. It is a remarkable record of their journeys on a state-of-the-art platform, with immersive 360 films, behind-the-scenes footage, storytelling and more.


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