BookGravy Review: Convenience Store Woman

This is a curious tale about a woman existing outside the mainstream of society, whose life is held together by the daily routines required of working at a convenience store.  While others in her world build careers, date, fall in love, get married and have children, Keiko’s life seems to defy the need for the natural cycles of adulthood. Preferring to live alone and minimizing social interactions in her private life, her primary source of comfort and peace come from the routines of pricing, food prep and customer checkouts—predictable actions that give structure and purpose to her life. At its core the story reveals the inner struggles of someone who does not fit in with social norms, the cruelty that others express at her expense, and her personal triumph for withstanding both.




Book: Convenience Store Woman  /  Author: Sayaka Murata  /  ISBN: 978-0802128256  /  Publisher: Grove Press

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