Book Purge, Oh No!

Video captures a well-known book lover as he painfully purges his book collection.

Watch this well-known bibliophile go through 1000 books he must part with


Robin Ince, co-host of the Book Shambles podcast, says he has at least 20 times more books than he can possibly read in his lifetime. Yet he keeps buying more books. All his shelves are full and he has piles on the floor. In this video, watch Ince as he goes through some of the 1000 books he wants to get rid of (he has 20,000). He loves all the books he is getting rid of, and he ends up keeping some of them. I have the same problem as Ince. Way too many books and I don’t want to part with any of them. In fact, I want to buy a lot of the books he shows us.




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